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We can put your custom artwork, logo, store name, etc. on any of our products.

PRICING & SETUP: Minimum order is $1,000 per size (see product sizes below). There is a $50.00 Setup Fee for the 1st screen color and $30.00 for each additional screen. This fee must be paid in advance before starting art development.

REORDERS: Minimum reorder is $750 per size (see product sizes below). If your job is reordered within one year there will be no Setup Fee. Screens are reclaimed after one year.

PRODUCT SIZES: Our designs come in three sizes as listed below. Each size prints on a number of products. These corresponding products can be included in your order to help meet your minimum dollar amount.

1) SMALL - Mug Mat, sachet, gift tote, and drawer sachet.
2) MEDIUM - Potholder, apron
3) LARGE - Spiced Hot Pad, large tote, flour sack towel, decor pillow

ORIGINAL ARTWORK: If the digital requirements cannot be met, we can work from your original artwork. We cannot be held responsible for any artwork that is lost or damaged during shipping to and or from us, so please insure your artwork and provide us with return shipping instructions.

DIGITAL IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: For Single or Multi Spot Color and Four Color Process: (Vector) eps, ai, cdr (Raster) tif, psd, jpg Images should be sent as 300 dpi at 100% scale or larger of final output size. If you want SPECIFIC FONTS used, you must include all fonts or name of font with your files or create the font to outlines.

Please call to discuss specifics, and if all of this sounds overwhelming to you, our graphics department will be happy to answer any of your questions. 1-800-288-7977 or email us at